Alternative Treatment Options

To protect you and the environment, Americana Termite proudly offers
2 biodegradable and organically sourced substances to rid your home of Termites.
These alternative methods allow you to remain in your home, even during application!
There is no need to move out of your home or leave for any length of time.

Tim-BorTM, which is a borate mineral that is only toxic to termites and is used effectively to eliminate present infestation and to prevent future termites.  The secret is in the borate materials and active ingredients that are deadly to insects such as termites.  To eliminate present infestation, Tim-BorTM disguises itself as food and is ingested by termites and the active ingredient is shared with the entire colony.  To prevent future infestation, bare wood can be pretreated, diffusing Tim-BorTM deep into the wood fibers and repelling termites away.

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XT-2000 is a biodegradable orange oil treatment (d-Limoene), a revolution in alternative method pest control.  The active ingredients in XT-2000 do not contain (or is not manufactured with) any of the Class I or II ozone depleting substances listed under the US Clean Air Act of 1990.

Recent research by Dr. Rudolf H. Scheffrahn at the University of Florida found that this naturally sourced, biodegradable treatment is so harmful to termites because of the devastatingly high citric acid content.  The highly acidic pH level will also eliminate termites in the residual period (4 days following treatment) because it will be eaten by any surviving termites.  No over-the-counter treatments can match the potency and success of XT-2000.

To learn more about XT-2000Click Here
& be sure to go to our 'Orange Oil Myths' section,
   This growing section will be a forum for many of the
   product misconceptions that are often perpetuated by
   orange oil's competitors from a misrepresentation of product safety
   labeling and residual chemical effectiveness.

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