Roughly 60% to 80% of Southern California homes are infested with wood destroying organisms, here are some helpful hints to finding them.
Local and Seasonal Pest
We at Americana Termite Co. would like all of our Southern California Neighbors to be
knowledgeable and prepared when it comes to this regional problem.  Termite colonies
are semi-active year round but it is in specific months of increased moisture and sustained
heat that we see noticeable evidence of our unwanted tenants.

How to Spot a Termite
These are possible signs of the presence of...

Drywood Termite Colony
-Pairs of thin transluscent wings on windowsills
-Light Brown "sand-like" granulate pellets in the joint work surrounding a door
-"Chubby" ants with reddish heads trapped in a puddle or pet water dish​

Subterranean Termite Colony
-Small brown "mud-tube" or "trail" along the foundation
-Swarming from ground cover or fence line right after a lawn watering or recent rain
-Dead winged black insects in the pool filter equipment

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We know that many of you visiting our site probably
do not "like" our 6 legged friend the termite.

We don't necessarily "like" him either but to be quite
honest this creature is quite remarkable in how it survives without water, digests wood cellulose, and reproduces at a rate that is unparalleled even in the insect community.

Here are a couple of interesting youTUBE videos that show some of the amazing things that termites can do.
RIGHT: BBC's Richard Attenborough marvels at termite mound construction.
BELOW: Mike Rowe from DirtyJobsTM discusses termite physiology with an entimologist in an attic space
BOTTOM RIGHT: Not for the squeamish, a closeup look at a subterranean termite colony by National Geographic
BELOW are videos showing various types of termites
and the evidence their colonies create,
if you are not adverse to seeing bugs crawl around, we recommend giving these a watch