Structural Repairs

Termite infestation, fungal infection and/or the direct damage caused by wood decaying organisms are all indicators of the need for structural repairs.  At Americana Termite Company our field staff is equipped to perform a variety of termite & dryrot damage related repairs.

Information regarding the extent of damage and related repairs will be included
in your termite inspection report. All repairs will be itemized by the licensed inspector during
the initial inspection.  Americana Termite Repairmen are well versed in a variety of Southern California
building techniques and are able to repair/replace most doors, windows, posts, custom deck railings, meterboxes, rafters, eaves, baseboards, decrorative and structural siding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: What Determines Repair Versus Replacement For Termite Infestation?
A: If the termite damage is minor, the area can simply be repaired.  However, when the termite damage is extensive, leaving the wood timber unable to carry its weight, it must be replaced.  A rule of thumb concerning damage is that if a third of the wood timber is showing surface damage then replacement is preferred.

Q: Can DryRot Be Repaired?
A: Unfortunately, dryrot is an advanced stage of fungus that can only be remedied by wood replacement, not repair.  In the early stage of dryrot, it is an impeding surface fungus that is treatable if the surrounding area can sustain the damaged section's removal.  Once cut out, the remaining wood timber is then coated in TimBor for lasting weather protection.  Patching the removed area can require different materials depending on proximity to moisture.

Q: Can I Do My Own Repairs And/Or Replacements?
A: Yes, some homeowners are capable of doing their own work or prefer to use another contractor.  Keep in mind that if you are selling or refinancing your home (and going through escrow and a lender) the inspector will need to verify work done by a third party.

Q: Why Do I Need To Repair Or Remove A Section Of My Roof?
A: Termite or dryrot damage effecting the eaves or roof sheeting may require the roof be removed to allow the wood timbers to be replaced.  The wood cannot be properly removed underneath the roof covering.  After the damage has been exposed, further damage and repair may be necessary.  In many cases water leakage through the roof is the root cause for the need of underside repairs.

Q: Some Repairs Cannot Be Completed By Americana Termite Co., Inc..  Why Not?
A: Some repair items may require a different license or expertise such as repair of foundations, structrual decking, bathroom or kitchen floors, plumbing leaks, painting or tile work, to name a few.  Or the project scope could simply be too large and would require special machinery.  However, over the years, we have established a referral list to assist homeowners in contacting a reputable resource.
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