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"We were able to have a full treatment without shutting down the office!"
"My daughter is constantly playing on the hard wood floors, I was worried about residual chemicals.  Americana solved my termite problem without harmful residues."
"In our home, my wife and I try to live toxin-free.  Americana did the job for us."
We're concerned with the entire family's health and that includes Greta!"(the family dog)
"In our neighborhood which has extensive wood fencing, we think it is wise to have an annual termite inspection."
As a HOA president, dealing with each unit is my job.  Americana was able to address my termite situation by meeting with each tenant and solving each of their individual problems.
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Pests may invade your space at any time if your home unprotected. To save your home from pests and their possible damage, call Americana Termite Company for quality pest control service. Your search for the most skilled, experienced, and effective exterminator ends here. For affordable, eco-friendly and satisfactory pest control in Orange County & Los Angeles, CA, choose Americana Termite Company.
The SUMMER Sun is in the sky...
                    and TERMITES could be as well!
The HEAT is here!
That means summer blossoms are around the corner but it is also time to keep our eyes open for evidence of a drywood termite swarm.  In this drought year, we have experienced a lack of precipitation and this may adversely affect your yard and surrounding hillsides but it will not have an adverse condition on wood destroying insect colony health.
These recent days of scattered showers, followed by the onset of our regular 85 degree weather will bring the inevitable 'swarm season'.

A flying termite is literally a 'blind flyer' and will flutter/fall in the direction of a light or heat source.  More than 80% of these paratroopers
will die in the process by becoming entangled in screen vents, pet water dishes, and even thick carpet.  Look for termite pellet piles, pairs of identical shaped wings in your windows or door jambs also keep an eye on decking planks.  We advise that if it has been several years since a licensed inspector has looked at the property, it might be time to give Americana Termite Company a call...

Go to our Termite 101 section to learn more about this pest and for more tips on how to locate an active colony

SIMPLY ORANGE: How Orange Oil Has Been Industry Proven to Work

by Gary Woolery

Over the past decade, I have witnessed numerous online arguments and several industry reports displaying competing information regarding the emergence of the organic product known as D-Limonene or more commonly known "Orange Oil."  Lets set the record straight.  Orange Oil is now delivered through a number of household and pesticide products but any/all scientific research to establish the pesticide efficiency has been conducted only with XT-2000, a superior product with a concentration of 95% pure oil.
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